for Victory

If we are doing everything right, why haven’t we
won yet?
We are doing everything right and that is why we have come so far. On the one hand, we have the majority with us: both the people of Belarus and the people of democratic countries across the world support us. 770,000 Belarusians have already voted for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue. On the other hand, we continue to face a strongly rooted autocracy. We literally have no access to television, we don’t have parties and fractions, and almost all decision points in the country are in the hands of one person. Thus, we are not fighting the old system — we are building a new one from scratch.
Financial resources

Human resources
Where are we now?
We don’t need more resources
than they have.

We need more
resources than we have NOW.
We are more than halfway there
Lukashenka has
crisis into a
nationwide crisis

Neither side is strong enough to win
Is this because he has more resources?
He has more administrative and military resources and that is what is allowing him to stay. We have more human resources. And we have a legitimate leader – Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.
Lukashenka cannot stop the protests and “turn everything back to normal,” and he has not yet agreed to meet us to negotiate.
can be done
Join the strike committee or independent trade union, support strikers financially or informationally. Join the Italian strike. Investigate the problems of your employer and share the information about their loans and debts.
Join the Italian strike and establish collective pressure against the higher-ranking officials: people want negotiations and the authorities have to listen.
Support the spirit of resistance, spread true information and personal stories, confront the propaganda – we have truth and strong arguments on our side.
Don’t show students the government propaganda materials, discuss with them human rights and democratic values. Share your opinion with your students, become an example to them. Quit the government trade union and don’t follow the orders that violate your rights (such as mandatory subscription to the government media).
Continue to foster “creative partisanships,” use all means of non-cooperation with the regime: strengthen the horizontal relationships and organise in safe communities and unions, quit the pro-regime organizations. Participate in online flash mobs on social media, write complaints to the housing and maintenance services and executive committees, thereby diminishing the efficiency of the state apparatus.
Vote for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue in chatbots and help others vote.
Platform for all
Strategy for victory becomes perfect when it is inclusive. This spring we will introduce an online platform with the whole strategy laid out by tasks.
Every Belarusian will be able to choose a task and join in, observing the progress of its accomplishment. Every Belarusian will be able to add their own project and find a team.

Let’s make solidarity a system!

Strategy for everyone
Democratic force projects:
Justice for Belarusians
Civil servants
International support
and pressure
Seek international isolation of the regime, implement new sanctions, as well as the freeze the contracts and loans and suspend the state bonds and investments in the old system.
Draw the international community's attention to the fact that Belarus already has more than 270 prisoners of conscience and more than 1,000 criminal cases. All of these people should be released unconditionally.
Pressure on the regime
Bring support to the civil society, workers, businesses, etc. Create a macroeconomic assistance plan for Belarus. Agree on investments after the victory of democracy. Agree on visa support for Belarusians, on educational programs. Mobilize diasporas, businesses, and people within the country to help initiatives, strike committees, and repression victims.

Support of Belarusians
A New Belarus
New Constitution
Reforms projects for the New Belarus
Interests of the people
The Platform of Peoples Representatives
SKHOD (Belarusian“gathering”)
and open discussions
Use digital tools to count referendum votes. Select the most pressing issues and form an agenda for the future country. Online forum for public discussion.
Digital Referendum
Lukashenka lurs security officials into staying in their positions by levying debts or benefits when contracts are terminated or bestowing empty awards. Yet, he intentionally smears the reputation of all departments and ministries with the crimes of individuals. He keeps them with money, blood and fear, and on the other side of them, only the people's anger.
No collective responsibility
The people cannot forgive cruelty and torture, nor do they understand the inaction of those who did not follow criminal orders. Inaction is currently considered as complicity. Thus, all security officers and officials have become enemies.
Moral dilemma
They have nowhere to go and no one is ready to listen to them. They are consumable material for Lukashenka and enemies for the people. Lukashenka's main resource is now used only by himself. We do not offer security officials and civil servants any alternatives.
Deadlock and no future
Finalize the Concept with suggestions on how we establish relations with employees of the state apparatus during negotiations.
The Concept of National Reconciliation
Threats and hatred will not help us bring new elections closer. To start negotiations, we need to accept that people who have committed human rights violations will be held responsible, and that those civil servants who believe in a democratic Belarus will build a new Belarus together with us.
Expand communication channels with civil servants
Attract new supporters without forcing them to resign. Obtain more documents, conversations, and plan leaks that help us to destabilize the regime vertical.
Joining the side of the people
Security forces
The negotiations will also affect the fate of all units. We need to come to a national understanding that only those who have committed crimes will face justice and the rest will be able to retain their positions or quit without contract payments. For this, use the Concept of National Reconciliation.
Agree on the future
Change the rhetoric for all
Everyone wants to end repressions and violence. Everyone wants to live in a peaceful country. Honest security officials are waiting for the return of the law, as well as peaceful Belarusians. This is only possible if members of the security forces refuse to use violence. It's time to collectively make that decision.
Why should we take to the street?
Raising the spirit
Articulation of people's demands
Wear and tear of the repressive machine
Request for support
The nearest dates
Come vote for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue in chatbots and help others vote.
The street peaceful protests should not be affected by dates or a pro-government agenda. The street is the political demands of peaceful people. And until they are fulfilled - every date is important.
How can we tell that negotiations will not be far off?
What does it mean?
1. Внешнее финансирование: кредиты, гуманитарная помощь, программы поддержки, сотрудничество с предприятиями.
Лукашенко воздействует в основном на страхи своих сторонников, позитивной повестки он предложить не способен никому, кроме ОМОНа. Народ он только запугивает или игнорирует.
The truth is on our side. Despite the repressions and harassment, our protesting potential holds strong.
2. Внутреннее финансирование: банковская система, гос.организации вроде профсоюзов, и т.д.
1. Лояльные кадры - идеологи, чиновники некоторые спортсмены и бизнесмены, силовой блок.
2. Провластные организационные структуры, которые оказывают давление на народ
3. Международные партнеры, в первую очередь Россия.
1. Internal financial resources: funds from solidarity and private organizations that can be used to support and develop civil society.
2. External financial resources: funds from institutionalized funds and organizations that can be used to support democratic movement.
1. The people of Belarus, who overwhelmingly do not recognise Lukashenka as a legitimate president.
2. Self-governance, solidarity and local organizational structures.
3. International partners and leaders of more than 30 countries who support Belarusians.
4. Experts in various areas ready to freely share their knowledge.
5. Legitimate leader – Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.
Our strength lies in persistent non-violent protest. In future Belarus, we have much to offer to all sides.
People and their energy
Moral and psychological resources
The Unified Crime Registration Book

And now, a brief overview
We are building a new system from scratch.

Successful negotiations, elections, democratic Belarus.

Why haven't we won yet?
Change the ratio of resources.

How are we going to win?
Financial, human, moral.

To the end of support for the Lukashenka regime.
What kinds of resources?
What will this
lead to?
His supporters.

Any date can become important if we go out
Law enforcement authorities refuse their role in the repressions.
Belarusians sabotage orders from their superiors that violate their rights.For the safety of their funds, they take them out of the banking system.
The key factories for the regime are on strike and do not execute the plan.
There is a lack of resources to ensure the regime's commitments and promises to its supporters, in particular the security forces. By this point, society begins to cope with the adversities on its own. Funds, contracts, partnership programs go through structures and institutions created by the people.
Resource scarcity
Lukashenka's key officials, security officials, financial partners withdraw money en masse, leave posts or leave the country.
Those who remain ask for guarantees to the negotiating table.
Outflow of personnel from the old system
Street protests are growing and gaining ground. Security forces refuse to continue the crackdown. Protesters are quietly taking to the streets and demanding negotiations.
Street Protests
What do we consider a
100% victory?
After the release of political prisoners Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and other leaders accompanied by international partners and monitoring missions return to Belarus for dialogue.
Start of negotiations by the end of May
Freedom for all political prisoners is the main condition for the start of negotiations.
All political prisoners are free
We hold presidential and parliamentary elections under international supervision.
Fair transparent elections
New power follows the principles of democracy, structures and institutions representing the interests of society are developing in the country.
Democratic Belarus
We shall win!
What is a victory?
Lukashenka preys on the fears of his allies, he cannot offer a positive agenda to anyone but the riot police.
He only threatens or ignores the people.
1. Devoted employees — ideologists, government officials, professional athletes and business people, law enforcement agents.
1. External financial resources: loans, humanitarian aid, support programs, cooperation with businesses.
2. Internal financial resources: the banking system, governmental organizations, such as trade unions etc.
2. Pro-regime governmental structures that put pressure on the people.
3. International partners, primarily Russia.

to change the balance of power?
Not only the street
Creators, opinion leaders,
the media
The Office and Cabinet of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya
The Coordination Council
The National Anti-Crisis Management
Viktor Babaryka’s Headquarters
Valery Tsepkalo’s Headquarters
Partner initiatives and platforms
Rehabilitation programs
International investigations
Universal jurisdiction
International solidarity
Building a new Belarus now
We want to hear from everyone. We will arrange online events where delegates and experts elected by the people will be able to participate in political decisions and represent Belarusians' interests. We will increase the number of representatives of the people in the country.

all this time?
What have we been
For protesters, politicians, and media. Threats alone will not help to start a dialogue. We are not trying to reach an agreement with those who have committed crimes — they will face a fair trial. We must start a dialogue with the rest of the security forces, so they can join our cause. And one of the main platforms for dialogue is the BYPOL initiative.
Prepare for the date of the call to join our side
“Why are they going out? What do they need?“ Demands should not disappear from the streets. They should have a place on posters and in our voices. The street protests is a pressure that will help come to negotiations.
The street protests are a psychological attack on Lukashenka personally and on his entourage.
Lukashenka has seen how many people have taken it to the streets, and he knows exactly how large our movement is. And we should remember the strength of our numbers too.
While the entire power unit is on a mission to suppress the street protests, they have less time and effort to initiate proceedings, come to houses with search warrents, and less moral forces and resources to “tighten the screws“.
To stop the crisis, we are pressing for negotiations on new election. You can vote for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue in chat bots.
What are
Moral and psychological resources

To start the negotiations, we need
more resources.
Personal protests
Delegitimization of L Legitimization of ST

Building up resources
Заводим новые уголовные дела по факту преступлений против беларусов.
Собираем доказательства преступлений для санкционных списков и будущих честных судов, чтобы безопасность была на нашей стороне, а не на стороне тех, кто нас репрессирует.
Помогаем странам-партнерам запустить расследования преступлений режима. Каждое это действие помогает вернуть закон в Беларусь.
Разрабатываем программы, по которым заключенные, арестованные и преследуемые беларусы получают реабилитации и компенсации. Все, кто подвергся репрессиям, получают звание Героев Перемен.
Программы реабилитиации
Международные расследования
Универсальная юрисдикция
Work on the draft of the New Constitution — it is now practically finished and will soon be published for open discussion by Belarusians. It has a clear division of powers, a reduced role of the president, and a process by which the local government is elected rather than appointed. Belarusians will be able to vote for this project during or after the new elections.
Contribute to the reform projects related to the economy as well as the educational, judicial, and medical sectors so that people in our new democratic Belarus, are respected and so that everyone has the access to decent salaries and medical care. In this way, the law enforcement would actually protect, not repress the citizens. And so, we all get the freedoms we've been fighting for so long.
Consolidate the forces of all initiatives and organizations to move systematically towards a common goal. Strengthen the local initiatives: grassroots movement, the labor movement, and independent trade unions.
Initiate new criminal cases on crimes against Belarusians.
Gather evidence of crimes for sanctions lists and future impartial trials so that the protection is on our side, not on the side of those who repress us.
Help partner countries to launch investigations into the crimes of the regime. Each of these actions helps to bring the law back to Belarus.
Develop rehabilitation and compensation programs for prisoners, arrested and prosecuted Belarusians. All those who have been repressed receive the title of the Heroes of Change.
Strengthening resource campaigns
A new wave of street demonstrations

Start of voting for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue.

760,000 Belarusians have voted for negotiations.
The end of support for the Lukashenka regime by his allies
International partners, including the EU, the United States, and Russia force the authorities to come to the negotiating table
Democratic forces and the regime form negotiating groups
Negotiations goals take into account the demands of the majority of Belarusians
Beginning of the
What are
his personal

We are here!
770,000 Belarusians have already voted for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue
Other countries, international media, human rights organizations and law enforcement agencies offer help when they see that Belarusians have not backed down and continue to protest.
We are looking forward for your ideas
and proposals:

Financial resources
Who's going to end the repression?
Our common task is to show how many Belarusians want to resolve the crisis so that a dialogue with international assistance can be required.
Voting for a peaceful way out of the crisis through a dialogue
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